CASE STUDY: Scotch and Soda, Kaleidoscope

Company 2 attended  APAM 2016 as a delegate. Navigating the market and meeting other key national and international delegates, Company 2 left APAM with two locked-in tours for their works Scotch and Soda and Kaleidoscope.

“At APAM (Company 2) was successful in locking in major tours and an international agent for selling our work to new regions. We still have some conversations on the go to further lock in works for 2018." 

"APAM is not just (about meeting) international presenters - we were also successful in booking and starting conversations with some of Australia’s leading festivals!”

Future tours for Scotch & Soda in 2017 - 2018 are as follows:

  • Aalyst, Germany, Sept  2017
  • Itzehoe, Germany, Sept 26th
  • Wolfsburg, Germany, Sept 27th
  • Beverungen, Germany, Sept 28th
  • Gummersbach, Germany, Sept 29th
  • Leverkusen, Germany, September 2017
  • Schlanders, Germany, October 2017
  • Schweinfurt, Germany, October 2017
  • Iserlohn, Germany, October 2017
  • Viersen, Germany, October 2017
  • Esch-sur-alzette, Germany, October 2017
  • Duren, Germany, October 2017
  • Lingen, Germany, October 2017
  • Coesfeld, Germany, October 2017
  • Laupheim, Germany, October 2017
  • Marnach, Germany, October 2017
  • Balingen, Germany, October 2017
  • Landau, Germany, October 2017
  • Singen, Germany, October 2017
  • Lahr, Germany, October 2017
  • Rodermark, Germany, October 2017
  • Fulda, Germany, October 2017
  • Ascheim, Germany, October 2017
  • Ravensburg, Germany, October 2017
  • Segit Festival, Hungary, August 2018

Future tours for Kalediocope in 2017 are as follows:

  • Sydney, Sydney Festival, January 2017

About Scotch & Soda

Scotch & Soda is circus and jazz, served straight up. A show that is an actual cocktail of exciting artistic personalities, world class circus, heart pounding barroom and junkyard jazz, and one final ingredient - the audience. 

Channelling the vibe of a rowdy whiskey joint set in a dusty parallel universe, somewhere between depression-era travelling circuses and Europe's 19th Century carnival past, Scotch and Soda will set your night off with a bang. 

With a heartfelt blend of brass, wood and strings, the virtuosic Uncanny Carnival Band will have everyone jumping, whooping and clapping. Each musician one of Sydney's finest, plucked from the top shelf. Set them loose on the stage and things are going to get spectacularly messy. With the musicians getting in on the acts and the acrobats playing music, this unique genre-bending party is not to be missed.

ABOUT Kaleidoscope

Come and view life through Ethan’s eyes with Kaleidoscope a joyous, poetic circus experience that explores the great beauty found in the smallest things.

Ethan Hugh was diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at four years of age. Because of this syndrome Ethan perceives the world differently and unwittingly, invited his mother to view his world with him.

Joanna described stepping into Ethan’s world as ‘the joy of walking through shafts of colour and light; a dazzling kaleidoscope’. She wrote a book about her experiences with Ethan that inspired the creation of Kaleidoscope the show, a work that allows Ethan to express himself, through a physical form he loves, circus

Kaleidoscope is a sensory sensitive performance the whole family can enjoy. An awe-inspiring circus show that will bring to life the colour, chaos and incredible beauty of Ethan’s every day. Under the direction of Chelsea McGuffin, Kaleidoscope, is the collaboration of a unique boy, an inspiring story and the lyrical world of circus arts. A celebration of young people’s stories and the acceptance of difference.


We are a small performing arts company striving to create work that enables us to grow as artists, to push our form, which is also accessible to our audience.

Contemporary circus that is full of heart, created with passion and engaging with fellow artists who wish to do the same. Driven by David Carberry and Chelsea McGuffin, the work we create is often devised and we engage artistically with everyone involved.

With our backgrounds as dancers and musicians, as well as circus artists, our language is circus  - but we draw heavily from movement and have a strong sense of musicality in all our work.

Our hope is that we can engage with all who see us perform, who work with us on stage and off; and that they can also share in our passion.

For more information on Company 2 or touring opportunities for Scotch & Soda or Kaleidoscope please contact:

Chelsea McGuffin | Director

M: +61 401 268 679 | E:     


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