B2M showcased B2M: HOME TOUR as part of the 2016 APAM Official Program. 

Through presenting their work and navigating networking opportunities at APAM 2016, B2M were able to secure an international tour and forged long term relationships.

“The showcase was a highlight as not only did it showcase B2M’s work but was a highlight of APAM’s celebration of First Nation artists.”

 “It was invaluable to be able to connect with specific presenters prior to APAM, meet with them in person prior to the showcase and then follow up to lock in future activities post show.”

“This allowed for in depth conversations that has created long term partnerships for presentation and collaboration opportunities for B2M nationally and internationally.”

Since APAM 2016 B2M has had toured:

  • Taiwan


(APAM 2016 Showcase)

High energy, R‘n’B pop with a traditional Tiwi twist.

Six-piece band B2M from the Northern Territory’s Tiwi Islands perform high energy R’n’B pop with a traditional Tiwi twist. It’s a sound that has taken the Top End by storm and is set to have the rest of the country raving.

The band’s song lyrics come from their life experiences growing up in an Aboriginal community 80km north of Darwin and seeing firsthand the effects of drugs and alcohol on their people.

Educating the kids of the future through their music and encouraging people to make a change in their lives is what keeps this band going and gives their music such passion. It’s guaranteed to create instant B2M fans and have you hitting the dance floor.


B2M is a six-piece band from the Tiwi Islands, 80km north of Darwin, where the Arafura Sea meets the Timor Sea. These strong Tiwi men write, sing and perform music about the issues we all face but with a particular focus on the experiences of Indigenous youth.

Role models in their community, B2M members are well-known identities in Australia’s Northern Territory but their music aims for universal appeal. They have toured extensively in the Territory, represented Australia on the international stage in China, Timor and Indonesia and are starting to make waves on the national festival circuit.

For more information on Post or touring opportunities for B2M: Home Tour please contact:

Skinnyfish Music

Mark Grose | Managing Director

Ph: 618 8941 8066 |E: info@skinnyfishmusic.com

Website: skinnyfishmusic.com.au/artist/b2m-bathurst-to-melville/


If you are interested in B2M coming to your venue in the second half of 2018, please contact Artback NT:

Artback NT

Louise Partos (潘璐颖) | Executive Officer, Artback NT

Ph: 61 8 8941 1444|M:0421 744 269|E: eo@artbacknt.com.au

Website:  artbacknt.com.au/