“Virtuosic and adventurous”
New York Times

Wed 21 Feb 4:35pm - 4:45pm
Powerhouse Theatre | Brisbane Powerhouse
10 mins

Speak Percussion



All Ages



Custom built ice instruments make music inside a chilled inflatable performance space.

Polar Force is an investigation of extreme wind and temperature through hyper-realistic art. This visceral and multi-sensorial work immerses the audience within an overwhelming sound world and performance environment. Presented within a chilled and gusty inflated space, pristine Antarctic field recordings combine with live ice percussion as the audience are exposed to wind, cold, light and haze.

Polar Force explores notions of human fragility and isolation whilst pointing towards climate change. New ice-instruments that produce wholly unique acoustic results will be developed, distorting as they melt and fracture to render the ice and ‘weather’ into audible phenomena.

Image: Tom Burless

Speak Percussion

Speak Percussion has defined the sound of 21st century Australian percussion music through the creation and presentation of ambitious arts projects. Internationally recognised as a leader in the fields of experimental and contemporary art music, Speak is constantly seeking to redefine the potential of percussion.

Ranging from solo concerts to massed sound events, Speak Percussion’s work is presented throughout the world in concert halls, theatres, galleries and site-specific locations.

Recent touring projects have included CIRCUIT (2013-2015), TRANSDUCER (2013-2015) and Fluorophone (2015-2017), which have toured to some of the world’s leading festivals and venues.